mos effed ansi art

Death Dealer ansi artdeath dealer

An ansi graphic drawn for Sixteen Colors and released through the text art group bl0ck7ronics.

Sixteen Colors is a web site with a pair of giant balls packed deep with ansi and ascii splooge from the last 2 decades. Dive in and help yourself to an eyeful of the shit. You won’t be disappointed. Or maybe you will but who gives a shit.

The subject matter: fucking Death Dealer, yo! One-hundred ninety-seven (that’s 197) lines of little kullored blox inspired by the cover art of an image comic. Death Dealer comes from a Frank Frazetta painting depicting a badass warrior clad in armor, crowned with a horned and spiked helmet, wielding a giant man-shredding axe, sitting atop a menacing man-stomping warhorse. All of his bitches had curvaceous booty and big tits which he gleefully ravished after gleefully ravaging armies of lesser men, chopping off their heads and piling up their bodies like so many pitiful roaches dying around a Black Flag Roach Motel.

Red Dead Redemption (John Marston) ansi artjohn marston

An ansi graphic; an old school approach to creating static computer images before all the rage became billions of colors, clarity, and possession of an overpriced copy of Adobe Photoshop (or a cheaper equivalent).

Building a discernible computer image using a bunch of shitty squares and a palette of 16 colors is not an easy task. If you have too many blocks and too many colors packed together your eyes start bleeding. It’s at that point you need an ariel view of the thing to figure out what it’s supposed to be. Fail.

The subject matter: there is nothing shitty about blazing pistols and shotguns, robbing trains and banks, and racing a stolen horse with a stolen Mexican princess tied up and slung over its back across the desert southwest.

Visit the Rockstar website for more info, or throw yourself in front of a train with your balls tied to a brick. It makes no difference really.